t a d a m ! s u m m e r t i m e with new dreams!

And then, once you realize, that dreams make you feel good... very good... even when they don‘t become something tangible, when they don‘t take physical body. 

Today I‘ll tell about new dream, which, I believe, we‘re touching by our hands bit by bit. Me and Martynas decided to build a tiny summer house surrounded by absolute quietness. 

Of course, it has to be planned and sketched. 

Right now I am choosing , whether it should be square or rectangle, only for sleeping or also for resting your feet in additional square meters, with full roof or only partial... 

So far this project does not give bad feeling that it‘s going to be a bit longer, a bit procrastinated... Rome also wasn‘t built in a day!


today's treasure

how to make a hammock?
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