The sea always cleans, lifts up, and puts everything to the right places.
This week cleaned our minds out and let us rest from all the daily works. This week allowed us to have a breath of new breezes and made us understand in a hard way that such thing as routine still exists. 

Plenty of new questions were raised, new dreams and different aims awaken. 

We‘ve realized, there are new ways to rest even when working! Maybe in the new future it will be possible to pull work tasks closer to vacations.

This is what we wish to you, our reader- to work in a way, so that you could feel you are still living your life!
Even though one could disagree- once your battery is empty, you can recharge it, but it‘s even better to stop wasting yourself unnecessarily.  

So, let‘s live on , try to be happier and change your environments , but starting from yourself.


P U P A workshop

And it was the quickest workshop which actually came and happened.
We just wanted to meet YOU and embrace you by our invisible arms. And we did it, we met! 

To make it a perfect workshop hundred years need to pass, yet, it was more than enough of everything we had and did at this time. We have made our own PUPA and each of you who participated has done one for yourself. 

The ice is broken, finally :)
For the next workshop we hope to involve more action and so we hope the same from your side as well.
See you soon