And then life starts again

...everything has been pretty much quiet and steady; job, children garde. I didn‘t really want to think much of something new again and irritate my husband with new dreams being born in my head. However, a woman would not be such a creature if after being at one place silently, she wouldn‘t suddenly create a wholly new plan for her life. 

Just for the beginning -two years of living in Norway has gifted me with much of experience, it‘s third year running when our family is living in Lithuania, and it has gifted me with diversity of experience as well. 

All you know about my map. 

The map of dreams which you pick up from tiny pictures and frame it into one. Now I look at it, and I cannot see anything related to Lithuania in it. Everything is so colorful and pretty, as much as it is possible to live, but nothing glued on related to the place I live at. 

My children are happy, my second half is working his crazily beloved job in cinema. In cinema and its glamour‘ish world. And me, I am free of creating family‘s idyll and diving deeply in the life of mummymoon together with Vejune. 

The map. Only now I understand that the map is really a map, which at the same time guides you and hangs on the wall in front without giving an answer where to go next. There is not even one single letter given so to show me a sign, where I am at the moment. Even though I believe there finally is a point where I will appear in my map. 

All I want is to release all buttons which are pressed by personal fears and let my transparent thoughts go on with the help of wind. I wonder, where they will stop. 

It seems I see it how my thoughts are flying in the appearance of helium baloon and landing at the place where we will head to. It might be that the baloon will come back after understanding that it‘s enough to wander around in the clouds of dreams. Also, there‘s a possibility it will remain somewhere waiting for all five of us. 

Children gardens which work according to my attitude is spread in all over the world. Cinema world is endless, just like swinging ocean. Even mummymoon will be welcomed everywhere- in Australia, in Scandinavia and... Vejune will pack her luggage and come after us. 

Life starts right at the moment where you start dreaming!


and... finally!


this is our 8th collection, the largest in all mummymoon lifetime!

we're crazily happy!

please come have a look and of course, we're waiting for your comments;)


the biggest THANK YOU goes to our models:




these two days of photo session stepped in and swallowed us and our time right as we were standing. And then it was a pause. 

There is not even one single footprint left to prove how much of invisible blood we have drained on the studio floor while working . Everything went even more perfect than perfect could be- we are sharing some of our moments from these two days (only some). 

We don‘t want to open all cards, because the biggest show is just on the way - it‘s our new CATALOGUE! 

So we roll up our sleeves and let’s go to trim the shrifts and draft our feelings in this one big launch. 

We are preparing a cozy autumn dip- where blue bears are sleepwalking and where it’s raining cotton down from the fluffy clouds. 

PS I hope you understand right - it’s all just for you.

g o l d - w o o l - d r e s s


Oh god

Today I’ve left with a tiring feeling – I feel no legs and no arms either…

While my husband is working in filmmaking, I, together with three children, am preparing for the biggest photo session in all mummymoon lifetime! It’s going to be 2 days during which we will have 16 selected models for children collection. 

Today all is ready: backgrounds are colored and sprayed, dresses will be taken out of seamstress only tomorrow morning. Please cross your fingers and whatever you have to support us! At the moment we are giving the last stitches to our clothes. Me and Vejune , we are barely walking by now, but we can and we will do it! 

 P.S.Vejune has already packed the gifts from AW2014 collection for our youngest models


m o n d a y m i x

m o n d a y
m i x

handbag http://thegiftsoflife.tumblr.com/post/49347187926

hat http://thepoetryofmaterialthings.tumblr.com/post/48745831333

collar http://blackswandive.tumblr.com/post/82796461038

boots http://www.itfashion.com/en/fashion/eco-eco-en/recuerdos-de-portugal/

jacket http://mummymoon.com/

b i r t h d a y !

And it has passed. 

Last Sunday I happened to be a witness of my anniversary. A causer of my 30th year celebration. 

When I was a teenager I knew that something is going to be way much different once I get 30. I thought I was going to be sad and cleaning tears off my face which would get wrinkled soon. 

However, it did not happen! I’ve understood that once I was young I didn’t have as much as I have at this very moment! Experience, emotion control, appreciation of beauty and aesthetics all around, self-confidence, wholly new attitude- it’s all worth of spreading around. That‘s it. I don‘t want to come back to the times when I was a young chick, when I was twenty-something. Ticking over without finding a place, lost paths and all time spent on searching for who you are, being tired of thinking what‘s right to be spoken and done... This endless blushing and lack of experience. This trying too make everybody like you... Yuk! 

Now I have all I dreamed of. Mine, my own life! The one I was creating for 30 years and now I have it as a work of art in my own hands! There have been heaps of mistakes, a lot of moments of shame, small and also significant nuances, which I don’t want anybody to be aware of. However, I’ve learnt to live with them, wake up every morning with them, and make myself think it is an ESSENTIAL part of all the events which have led me here, at this current point of life, at this point where I am finally myself. 

I‘ve met many people in my life which tried to convince me I was not going to achieve anything, I was not going to earn anything and many of them tried to prove I was not beautiful. 

For now, I have outgrown all these clothes of complexes and I only happen to laugh at what people can do and talk out of jealousy. I am perfect: perfect for myself, perfect for my husband and children. I own the exact amount of perfection which I need. 

I have the most wonderful husband, who is fascinating me every day, who is a little bit inapproachable still, who knows how to amaze me moderately but precisely, who does not see another women but me, or who sees another woman only to show me that he is wanted not by me only. 

I have the most magnificent children, who are the policy makers and do not allow me to sit down and enjoy the life sluggishly. 

I have the most marvelous parents who taught me to reach everything by myself. 

I have the best brother, who has always been better and smarter than me, and who has helped me to keep the balance for many years in my life. 

I have a stunning friend and I want to have more of them, because now I know, what meaning best friend has! She or he says truth, does not try please you, he/she strokes your head when you need it, he/she never envies. 

I have my favourite working routine, which carries me to the fields dreams,meadows of creativity and floats me to the oceans of business! Sometimes I don’t get anything there, but it’s so interesting! 

I have my own life for which I am thankful of to all my surroundings: to the ones who have hurt me, who have pushed me, who yet love me and who care for me! 

Thank you all! 

I love you


t o d a y ' s p h o t o s h o o t

 best photographer in Lithuania Raimonda!
 cutest model Dorotėja!
 banana bread for our team
mummymoon black little dress