dear l a d i e s !

We were encountered by your great amazement that mummymoon is using polyester. Yes, we do use polyester and even wear it ourselves. 

We recommend you not to be afraid of diversity of textures; they are not going to eat you, they will only going to spice your routine. If we were using silk, then you‘d pay for the dress not 100eur, but 300 eur instead. If it was cotton, it could not waver this way but would collapse. If it was viscose, your dress would fall down and rest there not even showing a slice of all of its beauty to others. 

Mummymoon is for neatness, light, vegetarianism, love, kindness and so on. But just for the sake of harmony, we sometimes need to curse and don‘t forget to have well-done steak for dinner. You should really understand us!


ready to meet you!

And here we come again.

And here we come again. 

Me and my special one. Vejune is a person, without whom nothing would have ever happened, a person who has graduated the master of humour science with the best scores! A person, who cooks the food of strangest taste and behaves it tastes very good. Also, the most beautiful person, who is never affected by any additional drop of fat, or , in other words, the most beautiful person with a tiny overweight. My closest friend, who has the most Scandinavian features on her outside and inside. A human being, who does not know how to be in rush, who has no clue in judging others and a person, who is soft to talk to and is feminine like a white dove. Vejune is a person, who you always want to cuddle. And even though I don’t like cats, but you, my dear Vejune, would be the best cat ever! I love you. And thank you, that some years ago you‘ve accepted to join me in this journey of mummymoon!

About motherhood

I know, it is hard to say something what you haven‘t heard yet, but it is not essential to invent things again. I know, sometimes it is enough just to think that everybody, one or another way, are living the same things.

Yesterday has been especially difficult day with this crazy, naughty trio of mine. Why? Why three children in a row? Why don‘t we have any support from aside? Why all the time I have to be strong and keep all the corners? Why do I have to be responsible for these amazing living beings all the time? Why there is no break, or at least working days from Monday to Saturday and then a day off? 

These questions approach me, very rarely, but sometimes they do. On such days, when children manage to drive you crazy just for nothing, on such days, when the only way to control yourself is to leave the room where two-legged creatures of the size of half man are running around. However, such stressful days is a MUST, because otherwise you would never realize how easy it is when everything goes perfect. 

When all of them wake up smiling and first good morning sounds like “mom, I love you“, when a sister does not slip a foot five times in a row for her brother, when the same brother does not follow his very individual sister and does not ask 190 times the same question “can you give me...“, and when... 

All of you, mothers, know that it is the hardest, but oh God, the most important thing to be the first person for these naughty children, when something goes other direction. Only with the help of your own children you get a good kick to your ass and manage to move mountains. (of course, there are some exceptions... But I am not talking about them for now.) 

My children have always been my motivation to turn impossible into possible, to trust infinitely, to know entirely, to feel until the last drop, to stand up and go, once you thought you couldn‘t... All possible and impossible feelings are lived once you become a mother. 

Maturity, maturity, maturity. If you don‘t mature with one, you‘ll definitely do with another one. I am talking here about conscious motherhood, about feeling, about devotion, about faith and trust. It doesn‘t matter that sometimes I get sick when I see some mothers in some cases acting with their children, I remember myself in such situations a while ago. At that very moment it‘s not important what do strangers think, what word is used, whether it is sweet or sour. . 

It‘s only over 5 years I am a mother. First child received an absolute surplus of attention, the second one was spoiled in a more logic manner, and the third-third one is being raised in a very normal way,just like it should be. One of them talks, one of them lays down... And their mother, she does not feel such panic every single day, every hour, every minute, and I won‘t lie, every second to be eye-to-eye with your own child. 

Thank you my third child who gifted me with understanding, that dedication does not mean forgeting yourself, thank you, my third one, who reminded me that next to all of us there is one more person, it‘s my husband, who observes everything quietly. 

Thank you, Martynas, for taking over relay race time to time. 

We are a family. And now it becomes much easier.


about school

 Hans Peter Feldmann - Two girls with shadow, 1999

About school.

It‘s very easy to close up yourself, sit at home and make up your own philosohpy. It‘s even easier to educate another one about what‘s the best way to live. 

So, what about you? 

Last weekend I was out with a friend for a chit-chat and glass of wine. Later on, more and more friends from old times gathered, and all of them told to be living some big projects now, doing big things and something else which they were hurrying to tell about. 

I didn‘t even notice how easily I also became a player of a game “ big projects and right things to live in life”. According to the rules of the game, I was stating to the “opponent“that my philosophy and my understandings are better than his, and so he was unobtrusively doing the same to other players of this massive “game”. 

Long time ago I have noticed how friends are changing, rotating and taking their places in my circle.Long ago I‘ve understood that maturity means children and everyday routine with them. Long time ago I had already seen that being one happy adult means finding or creating joy everyday. And! Long ago I already knew that the only person you have to educate is yourself, but God, it’s so easy to slip! 

I think it’s obvious that everyone lives his own life, find his own path and destiny. Sleeps in his own made bed and eats his own cooked meal. And suddenly there appears no meaning in explaining to the person next to you that the yoga you practice is more effective, and that your silence is quieter than his. Everyone should perform his own asana. 

Now, I shall hurry up to school and continue learning. 



a w 2 0 1 4


We want to say immediate „S  O  R  R  Y“ to our clients, agents, distributors, blogs, which were waiting and could not wait for our collection. 

So, now we want to announce: AW 2014 collection is coming! The last dots on “i” are pointed and we will really impress you by our new collection’s variety, colors and brightness! 

Always yours, 



photo-shoot backstage moments

Tumas is asleep. In a while I will start sharing today’s photo-shoot backstage moments which I had with my team. 

What can be a simpler thing on earth than finding a way to work your most favorite job , so that you could even envy for yourself once in a while! What you can do when working your hobby? For example, you can drive everywhere with your child, invite friends to come over, feel calm and relaxed most of the time, you may take e a break whenever you feel like it and you are free to do whatever you want! What can be more gifting than that? 

This is how I felt like in the morning, then noon, afternoon and all day long. I am thankful for the winged helpers above, who are leading me this way. 

So, while Tumas was swinging in his baby seat and everybody from Mummymoon’s team was chatting him, I could confidently take my time on preparing model for today’s photo session. 

Mummymoon has picked a wonderful woman and mother of two children for this mission named Doroteja. Our team had really little time to work on this shooting today, so we had to be as quick as squirrels with their baby squirrels (there were more babies swinging in their seats during the session). 

Mummymoon had captured more than 30 different models. New dresses, blouses with prints, also, brand new skirts in full length, tickling one‘s toes. It will be really, really something worth seeing it! Nothing impulsive or too fancy,but the signature of Mummymoon stays the same, yet, very cozy and warm. 

I‘ve already grabbed couple of items from the new collection myself this time It‘s spring- everyone needs to get refreshed. I am surely going to share more beautiful photos once I receive it from our photographer. Yet, I am uploading recent moments directly from my camera for your attention. 

Thank you Tumas for your patience and understanding – I will also let you live the way you‘ll want to.